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Juco Bags

Noted as the golden fiber’, jute is a long vegetable fiber which can be spun into highly strong threads. We are offering Juco Bags, which are completely biodegradable and can be decomposed speedily. Also, these can be recycled several times before there comes a needs to disposed of. Beyond eco-friendliness, these bags suffice wonderfully as an optimal bagging material since these are UV-resistant and highly strong. Irrespective of the weight being transferred, the bags hold all those compelling proprieties and have been fabricated with 75% jute and 25% cotton. The blending with cotton make the weave of these bags significantly tighter than could be attained by utilizing jute alone. Additionally, Juco Bags are little more softer and more supple than bags made of jute alone.

We also deal in the International countries mainly Entire Europe, Australia, Entire America and Middle East.